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Service Partners

Service Partners are those organizations that can help design, develop, deliver, and maintain metaverse experiences that will run on the infinity metaverse network (called the IM Network) as well as more traditional service solutions that are commonly associated with the real world.

It is not all about code and user experience, as the provision of services could range from legal through to recruitment, marketing and almost any other type of service provided in the physical world that may need to be replicated in a digital world.

Given that most organizations are just starting their metaverse journeys, the biggest requests at present are for agencies that can handle design and development of 3D worldspaces.


The following shows a list of requirements along with the benefits of becoming an official IM Partner.

  • Register your company .jump domain name
  • Complete the IM Partner application form
  • Must not be on the IM Restricted Businesses list
  • Agree to the IM Partner Ecosystem Agreement


IM Network partner requirements are reviewed every 12 months, commencing the day you become an official infinity metaverse partner.

Benefits at a Glance

As an IM Partner you’re eligible to receive the following benefits and incentives:


  • Live webcasts, design and development workshops with IM Partner team and 3rd party experts
  • Eligible for prioritized pre-sales engineering consultations


  • Marketing content, campaign assets, how-to guides, and templates
  • Partner Directory listing to amplify your company and solution
  • IM Official Partner badge and co-branding guidelines
  • Press release guidance


  • Eligibility for new business incentives and revenue shares
  • Deal registration to request co-selling support


  • Dedicated Partner portal and partner support
  • Access to roadmap previews

Does this sound like a fit for your business?

Get started with your application process right now. The application takes just a few minutes to complete and asks just a few basic questions about your business that you should have to hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. Your services and your prices are for you to negotiate. We do not get involved with the partner/customer relationship as far as project pricing is concerned.

Deployment onto the IM Network will be provided under standard subscription pricing (details to be announced close to launch). We will of course work with very large customers to determine a custom pricing range when appropriate.

No. The relationship between you and the customer is a direct one without our involvement.

We will provide every assistance possible to help you work with customers, as availability allows us to.

We also provide consultancy for those partners working with large organisations and brands on complex scenarios that may require significant time and resources from our side.

Please get in contact with us to ask further details at any stage.

To keep it simple right now, we just need you to send us an email with the details. Who the customer is and what you are going to be doing etc.

We can then schedule some time for a call to work through your plans and assess what we can do to help you capture the sale!

Similar to Santa’s naughty list – this is quite simply organisations that we feel are not appropriate to offer services to IM customers.

It is early days, and we are racing to build, explain, and expose various details about the IM Network.

Creating easily digestible video content is high on our priority list, so make sure you follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube to get the latest information when it is released.

When available, pre-registered deals will be eligible for a small revenue share incentive from subscription services that an end customer engages us in, which will effectively provide you with ongoing reoccurring revenue for the life of the customer operating on the IM Network.

We will provide more details on the registration process in the coming months and what the requirements are to apply.

Our goal is to create a valuable and thriving Partner ecosystem, so the ability for customers to find you is an extremely important feature.

Only Launch Partners will be able to search for you, as they are the ones who need your services.

We will have additional Partner types added in the coming releases which will also have the option to search for you.

Partner Search is one of our highest priorities and currently it is scheduled to be released in the next update to our public website and portal in the coming weeks.