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We are still getting things together here, so please don’t mind us.

We very much look forward to hearing from you, but please consider that we may not be able to reply to emails for a few business days at present.

You can reach us for just about any topic at the moment by sending a mail to support@synapticblack.com

Alternatively, you can find most of us hanging out in Discord where we will most likely be able to give you answers to your questions much quicker.

Thanks for engaging with us here at infinity metaverse.

The Team.


You decide what people can do, where you want to host it, what features and functions you are going to build. Just like a website, the hosting company doesn’t tell you what you can and can’t build.

In saying this, your server needs to be deployed on a cloud accessible system, which may have restrictions in the types of content you can host and serve.

Please ensure you observe the Terms and Conditions of your chosen cloud hosting provider.

Currently we support Unreal Engine 5 from Epic Games.

We would love to see Unity and other 3D platforms running in the IM Network as soon as possible and we’re certainly open to helping establish that support with open-source initiatives and or directly with platform developers.

It is theoretically possible to integrate any 3D engine into the IM Network

We are working with initial Launch Partners first and over time adding more and more automation to the hosting flow with the eventual goal of allowing people to deploy from inside the portal in a fully automated process.

If you are currently building or intend to build a metaverse WorldSpace, we will soon release a How to Start guide and videos providing more information.

Along with this, we are also planning to enable creator accounts to be attached to .link domains, so get one while they are still free.

We would strongly encourage you to consider becoming a Launch Partner to get early access to details that could help your project run smoothly. This includes an introductory call to walk through you project, and the details of the hosting solutions.

No. The program is completely free. Please see the Partner page to understand how your solutions or services fit into the program and the benefits available to you on acceptance.

The orca roadmap has not been made public at this time, but we are following a normal path of release to market for a product. This means that we will have invite only Alpha releases followed by Beta and then full RTM releases.

You can sign up to be a part of the Alpha releases inside the portal

orca is a ground up streaming solution very similar to applications such as Netflix, or Zoom. It is designed to be very lightweight and performant on quite low spec machines available today, even down to Chromebooks. So what you have now, will probably work just fine.

Our initial launch of orca will focus on Windows, Mac and Linux PC’s, followed by tablet and mobile form factors. VR/AR/MR hardware devices are a fast moving target at present, but we are anticipating a launch quite quickly after our initial function roadmaps are achieved on PCs and Mobile.

No. We do not use, store, hold or trade any form of cryptocurrencies.

Our solutions do not run on any blockchains, nor are our solutions integrated with any blockchain.

While we agree that both crypto and blockchains are an exciting new field of technical advancement with a lot of future potential, we do not believe that either has matured yet to a stage where business in general are accepting of the risks involved.

We also strongly believe in the advantages that global regulation will eventually bring to this space.

Unfortunately, the hurdles for a company to become licensed, meeting legal and regulatory requirements are immense in terms of process and resource allocation. They are certainly well beyond that of what a small business could reasonably and securely provide.