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The Infinity Metaverse Partner Program (IMPP)

The IMPP is a FREE partner program designed to serve customers and providers with all the tools, support and resources needed to succeed in the new worlds of the metaverse.

Exceptional experiences are the key

The more experiences become available, the more traffic and foot fall will increase and be drawn into the network. The more foot fall into the network draws more brands, companies, and organization to build or update their experiences to meet the demand of consumers, which in turn brings more work for the partner program.

Join today, it's completely FREE

By joining our growing eco-system of partners, you are taking part in a circular economy of sorts, where the more customer experiences deployed, the more users will want to experience additional metaverse worldspaces. It is a model that the initial internet was also based on, reaching further than anyone thought possible to deliver some 1.6 billion websites today.

V1 Focus areas

  • For brands, organizations or for anyone those wishing to build their own metaverse, we are pulling together an amazing group of designers, developers and marketing professionals that can help execute and deliver.
  • For providers (designers, developers, and service providers of all types), the IMPP will provide a new sales and marketing channel for you to reach out and show your skills, while at the same time, earning a share of revenue from infinity metaverse services applied to your customers.

Service Partners

The demand for quality partners is growing by the day as ever more brands, organizations and even governments are looking to deliver on their first metaverse experiences.
Service Partners are categorized with a typical focus towards technical and or design experience, with demonstratable content or portfolios to attract and give clients the confidence to move forward. We also see a growing demand for recruitment specialist in Web3 as well as marketing and advertising services.
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Launch Partners

Thinking of building a new metaverse? All metaverse experiences created for the IM Network have the opportunity to become a Launch Partner.
You will receive many benefits including regular, detailed review calls with the infinity metaverse team to ensure that everything can be delivered by your in-house team or chosen partners. We will also enable Launch Partners early access to all IM Network related roadmaps as well as team access to early releases of our metaverse gateway application, orca.
Let’s make your vision fly!
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