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The world's first
open metaverse

We enable brands and people to build, host
and stream their own metaverse experiences,
just like they can with websites
on the internet today

A sneak peek at infinity metaverse

We’ve built the world’s first open metaverse network.
Check out our first preview video to see what’s coming.

Live / Real-time

Unlike the static based internet of today, the metaverse is a rich interactive environment.

You see everything as it happens, as does anyone else sharing the same space as you

Fully Persistent

Related to the live nature of the metaverse, persistent WorldSpaces do not reset or reload.

Everything continue indefinitely, so kicking a trash can over today, means tomorrow it will still be kicked over

100% Interoperable

This means that you and your users can move between worlds, both physical and virtual.

You can interact with each other and the worlds elements collaboratively as well as jump to other worlds to try something new


metaverse gateway
Coming Soon

Orca is a metaverse experience gateway, for solutions running both on and off the IM Network.

orca jump screen

The first version of orca will be released in the coming months, and until then, we will slowly bring on groups of people to try it out and provide feedback during our private, invite only Alpha releases.

What can orca do?

We’ve got a very long list of features that we want to bring to you in coming releases, but we have to start somewhere, and our strategy is to get the core pieces working correctly from the start.

We also need to give some time to Launch Partners and creators who are building metaverse content.

These are the first features we are currently building:

  • User Profiles & Settings
  • Metaverse Search
  • Metaverse News
  • Avatar creation with ReadyPlayerMe
  • Domain Redirections (transition to a web2.0 website)
  • Developer local Metaverse builds

Getting things in the right order…

We have a lot of moving parts that need to come together in a pretty specific order, and we are well under way with those tasks.

What we need right now is your support

So if you want to build a metaverse, or you think you can help others that need to , then we would ask you to register as a Partner to really help push the entire community forward.

How do I get early access to orca?

You could be part of the first wave, simply by registering your interest inside the portal.

What are Open Metaverse Domains?

Open Metaverse Domains (or simply, open domains as we like to call them) are a new type of purpose driven domain name that enables people to navigate to metaverse experiences (called WorldSpaces) as opposed to web2.0 internet websites.
The following are the first four primary domain categories we are concentrating on for launch.

Business Domains

Secure your Open Metaverse
.jump Domain before someone else takes it!

Digital Twin Domains

.twin domains provide exclusive
and controlled hosting experiences

Influencer Domains

Apply for a .fan Domain today to build
an intimate metaverse space
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Personal Domains

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Infinity Metaverse Partner Program

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Exclusive Benefits and Early Access Previews

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The FREE Infinity Metaverse Partner Program provides a range of exclusive benefits designed to bring your teams up to speed fast and maximise your engagement with your customers.

At a glance:

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  • Receive pre-sales assistance
  • Get early access to orca along with roadmap visibility

*Terms and conditions apply. See details in the IM Partner Agreement.