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Launch Partners

Launch Partners are those organizations who will design and develop their own metaverse experience (what we call a WorldSpace) and host it on the IM Network.

If that’s you, then read on!

You could be building a simple meet and greet space, a cool blues bar, the next generation shopping experience or even a yoga retreat; every experience will become highly valuable and play a significant part in helping propel the metaverse forward.

We have designed our partner ecosystem to support and speed up your project, to help you get to market and receive the biggest push possible at launch time.

We have some incredible Service Partners on board and soon we will provide functionality for Launch Partners to search that group, filling any gaps in resource requirements and skillsets needed to launch the perfect experience!


The following shows a list of requirements along with the benefits of becoming an official IM Partner.

  • Register your company .jump domain name
  • Complete the IM Partner application form
  • Must not be on the IM Restricted Businesses list
  • Agree to the IM Partner Ecosystem Agreement


IM Network partner requirements are reviewed every 12 months, commencing the day you become an official infinity metaverse partner.

Benefits at a Glance

As an IM Partner you’re eligible to receive the following benefits and incentives:


  • Live webcasts, design and development workshops with IM Partner team and 3rd party experts
  • Eligible for prioritized pre-launch engineering consultations
  • Access to our ecosystem of Service Partners


  • Marketing content, campaign assets, how-to guides, and templates
  • Orca Search Placement listing to amplify your experience (coming soon)
  • IM Official Partner badge and co-branding guidelines
  • Press release guidance


  • Dedicated Partner portal and partner support
  • Access to roadmap previews

Does this sound like a fit for your business?

Get started with your application process right now. The application takes just a few minutes to complete and asks just a few basic questions about your business that you should have to hand.

Frequently Asked Questions

There will be a subscription price for hosting the client part of your solution with the IM Network. While we are not providing prices at this moment, we can tell you that the hosting charge will be similar or less than traditional cloud hosting prices as a starter subscription for example.

You will also need to host your server component on a public cloud hosting provider. We are currently trying to get some deals in place for our customers to receive discounts on various cloud providers, but have nothing to announce at the moment.

No. Launch Partners will receive a small amount of initial social media posting from us, and then as we get closer to the official launch, those who are ready to go, will get the biggest impact from our PR efforts reflecting on the experiences that people can try.

No problems at all. Very soon, we will provide you with the ability to modify your descriptions of what it is that you are intending to build and launch on the IM Network.

Similar to Santa’s naughty list – this is quite simply organisations that we feel are not appropriate to offer services to IM customers.

It is early days, and we are racing to build, explain, and expose various details about the IM Network.

Creating easily digestible video content is high on our priority list, so make sure you follow us on LinkedIn and YouTube to get the latest information when it is released.

We will be providing guidance on how to get started shortly. Along with this, we will go into some details about what is recommended.

We are working to make the UE5/IMTP plugins available as soon as possible. This will most likely co-inside with a private release of orca, to enable you to test your experiences locally, for which a developer account will need to be created or assigned.

More to come on this soon!