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Metaverse Top Level Domains

MTLD’s have substantially more functionality than the old types of domains from web2 such as .com and .net.

Your Domain. Your Journey.

Your journey into the metaverse starts with the question – how will people find me?
We’ve spent a lot of time considering how the existing top-level domain (TLDs) systems work; how their naming conventions and lack of connection to actual function provide areas that we can certainly address in the new Web3.0 world of the metaverse.

Business/Organisation Domains - .jump

Perhaps you are looking to first announce your intentions of your metaverse journey?

Or maybe you’re actively creating experiences for the IM Network or some other platform?

Could you be part of the all-important partner eco-system that we’ve been building out?

.jump domains are the first step for you. They enable you to redirect customers back to your existing Web2.0 website until you’re ready to launch, while giving you the benefit of participating in search results and driving traffic.

Business/Organisation Domains - .twin

Digital Twins are an exciting area of metaverse creation, representing a fundamental basis of physical and digital interoperability.

We’re working with the creators of digital twins, to understand how to best surface their experiences to user, when and where required.

Digital Twins may be either public or private experiences, depending on the use and requirement.

Our Digital Twin experience is still in the initial discover phases, so by all means reach out if you would like to be involved in shaping this area of the metaverse.

Influencer Domains - .fan

We love the power that an individual can have to influence their communities and fans alike.

For decades, it was only the large and powerful media companies that took it upon themselves to promote views, products and services, and now we finally see that the little person, the individual has just as much, if not more power to change their world.

We believe that influencers need their own experience to embrace and support those who support them – their fans!

Become part of the experience design team as we work together to create a single safe place for influencers and their fans.

Please note

.fan domains have an additional set of requirements to proceed. Find your .fan domain and proceed to the buy now section where you will be asked to provide the relevant details of the application.

FREE FOR THE FIRST 10,000 users

As digital norms have evolved, for the most part people have always referenced their email address as a way to communicate with them. In more recent times, its become the twitter handler, or some other form of social media locator.

We thought it was about time that each and every person could have their very own domain name – a place that links all of their public connection points together.

The .link domain is a simple experience in our v1 product, but will enable you to choose what information you want to share and allow other people to see, including directly in search results.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas about personal experiences, what’s important to you and how we can make everyone’s experience amazing in the metaverse.